Terms & Conditions


AGREEMENT WITH PURCHASER (AGREEMENT) - all conditions associated with the online purchase and listed below in this document;

BUYER - an individual or a legal entity making a purchase via the portal, using the technical possibilities offered by Tony Moly and paying through the electronic payment system, as well as agreeing with the terms of the "Buyer Agreement";

SELLER - an individual or a legal entity that performs an online sale of goods through its portal page and assigns terms of sale and delivery;

Tony Moly - a legal entity (“K-Beauty Azerbaijan ” LTD), which provides the SELLER with the agreed electronic space in the INTERNET SHOP belonging to it for the purpose of subsequent sale of goods;

PORTAL - Internet page " www.tonymoly.az” for online sales of goods, owned by Tony Moly;

PRODUCT(S) - all goods placed on the PORTAL

ORDER - sending in an electronic format the corresponding form existing on the PORTAL, for the purpose of delivery of the goods purchased from the PORTAL to the address specified by the BUYER.


1. The subject of the AGREEMENT is to enable the BUYER to purchase the goods presented on the PORTAL for other personal or other purposes. This AGREEMENT covers all goods presented on the PORTAL at the present time.
2. The BUYER making out the order through PORTAL declares its complete agreement with the terms of the AGREEMENT.
3. The goods sold through PORTAL, as well as the terms of sale, in accordance with Article 408 of the current Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is considered a general offer.
4. The purchase is deemed to be completed at the time when payment by the BUYER of the value of the good is confirmed by a cash voucher or other document (online / cash).
5. By filling out the order form through the PORTAL, the BUYER does not object to the use of his contact information by the SELLER or the other persons designated by the SELLER. This includes all future dispatches to the BUYER of information about various discount campaigns and other information.
6. Except for days of technical and preventive works on the website "www.tonymoly.az", below described and force majeure situations, the BUYER can use the services of PORTAL at any time of the day, month and year.
7. In case of non-fulfillment of the order due to the BUYER giving the wrong information neither PORTAL nor SELLER are liable.
8. After placing the order, depending on the distance to the address indicated by the BUYER, the SELLER informs the BUYER about the day, time and other delivery conditions.
9. If there are objective reasons, the day / time of delivery can be unilaterally changed by the SELLER and BOTTOM.
10. The BUYER may submit complaints to the PORTAL administration concerning problems with delivery or other problems in electronic form.
11. Unless otherwise indicated, the order is transmitted personally to the BUYER and / or to any third party at the address provided.
12. The BUYER (or the third party) accepting the shipped goods must inspect the goods on the spot upon receipt of the goods from the courier. After the inspection, the BUYER (or third person) signs a document confirming the delivery of the goods and thereby declares that there are no claims to the goods.
13. After the mutual signing of the relevant acceptance certificate, the BUYER is liable for damage to the goods.
14. The cost of goods sold through PORTAL is indicated in Azerbaijan manats, including taxes.
15. If the price of the goods on the PORTAL is incorrect, SELLER, regardless of the placement of the order, takes the goods and returns to the BUYER his payment.
16. The cost of goods on the PORTAL can be changed by the SELLER unilaterally.
17. PORTAL may cancel the BUYER's order from the following reasons:
- If the BUYER refuses to purchase any goods 4 times in a row without any reason;
- If there is a suspicion of illegal transactions by the BUYER, and also if he demonstrates unethical behavior.
The actions noted are not discriminatory towards consumers, but should be perceived as preventing possible financial losses of PORTAL and SELLER.
18. The conditions for the return of goods are regulated by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". If the goods are returned for reasons other than the SELLER's fault, the costs of returning the goods are withheld from the BUYER.
19. SELLER and PORTAL shall not be liable for the harm caused to the BUYER due to the use of goods not corresponding to the purpose of the goods.
20. PORTAL shall liable to the BUYER for the integrity of the goods, their quality, delivery and other indicators.
21. The use of personal information due to the use of PORTAL is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Personal Information".
22. The SELLER can transfer the rights to the third parties.
23. The offices of the SELLER and PORTAL operate during working hours established by the labor legislation.
24. The guarantee for goods is determined by the manufacturer of the goods.