Privacy Policy

1. Provisions
Internet project seriously relates to the privacy issue with regard to information of its clients and visitors of the web-site. We call information personified if it contains personal data of the website visitor (eg: name, surname, patronymic, login or company name), as well as information about actions performed bu him on the URL website (eg: order of the website visitor with his contact information). We call data anonymous, if it is cannot be univocally identified with the exact website visitor (eg: website visits statistics).

2. Use of information
We use personified information of the exact website visitor exceptionally in order to provide him or her quality services and to hold accounting. We do not disclose personified data of any URL website visitor to another website visitor. We never publish personified information with open access and do not hand it over to third parties (besides situations when providing such information to authorized public institutions is prescribed by valid laws of Azerbaijan Republic). We publish and distribute only such report, which are compiled on the basis of anonymous data. In this case, those reports contain such information, that do not let identify personified data of service users. We also use anonymous data for internal analysis with purpose of development products and URL services.

3. Limitation of liability
We do our best to comply with the present privacy policy, however we cannot guarantee safety of information in case of impact of factors which are beyond our control and as a result of which information is disclosed. website and all information posted on it are provided by the principle “as it is” without any guarantees. We are not liable for adverse consequences, as well for any loss caused as result of limitation of access to the URL website or as result of visiting the site and usage of any information posted on it.

4. Safety of online transactions
Personal information provided by you (name, address, phone, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and will not be disclosed. Your credit card data is processed only in a coded form and is not kept on our web-server.
Safety of internet transaction proceedings is guaranteed by K-Beauty Azerbaijan. All operations with payment card are held in accordance with requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. Information is processed with usage of special security technologies of online card payments, data processing is performed on a high-technology safe server of the processing company.

5. Contacts
For any inquiries with regard to the present policy, please contact the following address: